Goals and such

Echo can’t get the ball from the toy. She needs to rethink, evaluate, and decide what to do next.

Sometimes you can’t reach a goal you worked toward. That’s okay. It happens to all of us. You have to rethink your strategy, evaluate the goal, and decide how to move forward.

That might mean letting go of the goal. That’s okay.

It might mean formulating a new strategy to reach the goal. That’s okay.

It might mean tweaking the goal or methods to reach it so you can approach it in a new way. That’s okay.

Whatever you decide to do to move forward is okay as long as you are moving forward. Life is about learning, growing, and progressing. Don’t let yourself or your goals stagnate.

Always. Move. Forward.

About joanstradling

I’m a wife, mother, writer, pet wrangler, crafter, student, and anything else I can fit into my busy schedule. I still hope to ride a dragon, discover a new world by walking through a wardrobe, meet a Hobbit, or any of the other amazing things I read about as a child. In the meantime, I imagine and write about my own incredible worlds and characters–and continue to live vicariously through books.
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1 Response to Goals and such

  1. Tammy Mehr says:

    And take naps when needed.

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